What Is Ropeadope?
Over our 21 years we have always found this hard to answer. A record label, a clothing brand, a media company, a support network for independent musicians are all outside definitions that come to mind. None can fully define us as we evolve in our fast changing world, and so we now set sail on a further mission that will define our intent and principles for the next decade, using new Web3 tools.
Ropeadope represents the intersection of creatives and listeners. We are a meeting point for creative humans: music makers, music listeners, social justice advocates, and people seeking a more harmonious world. We are a gallery, a museum, a lounge and gathering place. Art is the calling card, the point of common interest that brings us together. Our network reaches around the world, strengthening our connection with each other and our common interests.
‘Ropeadope is a story of inclusion. We view the world as a place of one, where music is a unifying force connecting all of us. We accept that musicians know their art better than businessmen do. We know that this concept, this thing called Ropeadope, is larger than any of us. And so we follow wherever Ropeadope may lead.’
The Ropeadope Cultural Center (RCC): A community built around music, culture, and art. The ecosystem weaves together four platforms, each with it’s specific purpose:
The Ropeadope Lounge (TRL) on NFTOasis (NFTO) - This is our meeting place in VR, the spot where events happen and people can walk through the world of Ropeadope. Accessible with a VR headset OR on a computer, TRL will be open always, with specific events scheduled each week. Interviews with artists, mixers, parties, art exhibits, music classes and discussions, community gatherings, and more will happen in this space. Scroll down for instructions to enter our world.
$DOPE coin on Rally.io (RLY) - This is the Ropeadope club for those who KNOW. Monetization and membership happen here. Entry to special events in TRL requires ownership of $DOPE. NFTs are available here, from event tickets to art to product. ALL Ropeadope content begins in this space. $DOPE is an economy built to facilitate direct transactions between artists and listeners.
The last 20+ years of internet (Web2) promised us a more connected world, and yet it has divided many and become a flood of information that obliterates distinction. It is also a very isolating experience in that each of us is generally alone while browsing web pages and social media feeds. Web3 tools give us an opportunity to revisit local human gatherings in a new way. The gallery, the community center, the record shop, the cultural center. Places where we met around similar interest and experienced music, art, and culture. The Ropeadope Cultural Center aims to be that ‘place’, with its own economy that supports art in a more egalitarian way.
Press Contact: Louis Marks | louis@ropeadope.com